Social Media isn't just for fun, it's actually an important part of how businesses reach their existing and potential customers.


The real estate business can really capitalize on social media marketing in ways that weren't available a decade ago. The fact that sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become part of most peoples' daily lives, is a big reason why it's important.

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Make your Pro Real Estate Flyers less then 5 minutes! For FREE!

1. Open

2. Signup (with Facebook is super fast)

3. Hit "Create a design" button

4. Scroll down find "Marketing Materials"

5. Choose "Real Estate Flyer"

6. Choose the free template you want and click on

7. Go to "Uploads" button 

8. Upload you own pictures

9. Choose the picture and drag to flyer

10. Double click on text to make changes on text

11. Download JPG

12. Send to your email

13. Post on Instagram and Facebook