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Hashtag Strategy

The BEST Hashtag Strategy for Real Estate Agents


Hashtags on Instagram can be one of your biggest successors to getting you exposure if you’re a real estate agent or lender.


An Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags.


When done right, hashtags can get you a TON of exposure for your real estate business. Which is what we want, right?


If you have a business account, you can see how effective your hashtags are on your “insights.”


This is why I recommend having a business account so you can monitor feedback like this, if you are in real estate.


If you’re not using hashtags by now, then start.


If you have no idea what a good hashtag strategy for realtors is, if you’re in real estate, then keep reading!


With Instagram, you can have up to 30 hashtags and honestly, I recommend using all 30 of them!


There are three pillars of hashtags that you can be using for your real estate business.


Broad - Hashtags used 1m + times

Local - Hashtags used with your location

Targeted - Hashtags used less than 500k times


To find how many people have used hashtags you’re suggesting, simply search the hashtag and it’ll tell you how many have used it.


Side note, by using hashtags you have the chance to show up on the “top” posts for specific hashtags. Which can get you some great exposure.


Okay, now let’s get into how you can start leveraging hashtags to show up to your target audience and get you EXPOSURE.


First things first, BROAD hashtags.

Broad hashtags are those that have been used over 1,000,000 times. There will be a lot to choose from, especially if you’re in Real Estate.

Pick 10 of these and call it good. 





#Realtor #Motivation


Next up, your local hashtags. This will allow you to show up in your farm or target market. These are essential to include so you CAN show up in front of your farm area for your real estate business.



#312 #Chicagohomes #Chicagolife #Windycity #dabears


And lastly, your targeted hashtags. These will be great to combine local, broad, as well as specific hashtags together. This will be a very specific audience for you if you’re in real estate.


#Chicagohomeforsale #Forsale60622 #60622 #Chicagorealestate


Okay great, now that you have ten of each hashtags for your real estate business.


How the heck do you spend the time to write these out every time?!

Well, you don’t.


What you’ll simply do is write them out one time for each type of post you’re doing. When I work with my clients that are real estate agents or lenders, I talk to them about the “categories” of posts that they will be using for Instagram.


Then, with these categories we create the hashtag strategy for the specific types of posts. We don’t want to post a bunch of real estate hashtags for a personal branding photo, so we create different “groups” for their business and needs.


What we simply do with these hashtags is pre-write them out and save them in our notes.


Now, every time we post, we simply reference them. Easy.


  • Organize Them


  • Have a hashtag list saved in your notes section


  • Have 30 hashtags ready for each type of post you decide to go with 


  • Easily copy and past your comments


Post them in your comments

With this strategy in mind, this should help you get a jump start on your hashtag strategy if you’re in real estate and start getting you the exposure you deserve from the prospects scouring instagram.

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